суббота, 25 апреля 2015 г.

Set Fantasy

Набор Фантазия.

Набор одежды для женщин. Устанавливается отдельным слотом. Шесть вариантов перекрашивания.



4 комментария:

  1. Very sexy, lovely set, congratulations for beeing FA in TSR. Have a nice weekend, take care.

    1. Wow, you know! Thank you for congratulation! I will not be able to exhibit their work on the blog, but still very happy.

  2. Hi, you are welcome, your creations are beautiful and special. I just saw your new dress with cardigan at TSR, I will download it for my next sim, it's a lovely set. I don't know if you saw my new sim, as you know I am a sims3 houses builder so I decided to try to make a sims4 sim, I used your jackboots they are lovely. Have a nice weekend.

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